If there’s one word that describes Chris’s personal and professional life, it would be service. As a devoted family man, Chris loves spending time with his wife (Ebony) and his three daughters—Morgan, Kristyn, and Kree.

Chris also serves others as the founder and Senior pastor of Christ’s Living Kingdom Church in Frisco. As a pastor, Chris has focused on encouraging others to practically demonstrate their faith through compassionate service in their daily lives. Chris has also been an influential leader and advocate for bridging cultural, economic, generational, and racial gaps within the Church and various communities—recently publishing a book on the topic of cultural unity within the Church.

Over the years, Chris has authored countless business and empowerment articles, an education curriculum, and two books—The 3 V’s to Success and Black Jesus, White Jesus. He has been featured on more than 30 radio stations across the country for his ideas on leadership.

Professionally, Chris works as a Business Solutions Specialist with the Microsoft Corporation. Chris has been in the IT industry for nearly 20 years, architecting technology solutions to help transform corporate operations and business processes. Chris has also served on several professional committees and boards within Microsoft and in other organizations across the country.

Chris graduated from Drake University (Des Moines, IA) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. He later earned a Master of Arts degree in Practical Theology from Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA).

Chris has dedicated his entire life to serving others and taking organizations to new heights.


Why I Am Running for City Council

Frisco is experiencing unprecedented growth. While the growth is great, I became concerned that the city that I love would pursue growth at the expense of the very thing that makes us Frisco. That is, I became concerned that we would begin to forfeit the family culture that makes us great. So, I decided to run for City Council Place 5. I want to serve the citizens of Frisco by ensuring that we maintain a culture that undergirds the growth we are experiencing. I believe Frisco is positioned to be the international standard for the future. A compassionate city progressing with its citizens.