Infrastructure for Growth

As we continue to grow, it’s imperative that our infrastructure can support the growth. Many cities have taken a reactive approach to their infrastructure concerns. It’s important that we properly plan and proactively make adjustments to our current roads, water & power systems so our infrastructure becomes an asset and not a liability. It’s also important that we review current systems and seek more advanced and creative ways to increase our capacity to adequately service our growing community.

Public Safety

Maintaining the safety of our communities must remain a top priority. To do this, we must ensure our police and fire departments have the resources necessary to do their jobs. As they pursue various emergency prevention techniques, they must be properly trained and prepared to handle any emergency that arises. Furthermore, as citizens, we also play an important role in ensuring the safety of our emergency personnel.

Citizen Involvement & Transparency

Frisco is a multi-cultural, multi-economical, and multi-generational community. This alone provides management challenges. It’s important our leadership and community representation reflects our communities. We must be proactive in seeking and valuing the ideas of our citizens. We must create a variety of methods to engage our citizens.

Family/Community Culture

One of the major attractions of Frisco has been its focus on family and community. This is what makes Frisco. We must not make such a fervent pursuit to economic and urban growth to the point that we lose ourselves. Let’s grow our culture with our city!